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Electrodes | LpH - Non glass pH electrode for HF applications

Electrodes | LpH - Non glass pH electrode for HF applications

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Our NEW Liquid pH or LpH sensor is specially designed so that there is no glass in contact with the solution being measured. Conventional glass pH electrodes are quickly etched and destroyed by HF and as a result, current glass pH electrodes for HF applications use an extra thick membrane causing slow sluggish response time. This is not the case with the LpH!

The LpH is an exact replacement for conventional glass pH electrodes in that it generates the same mV slope and offset (Eo).

The LpH is available in Laboratory 12mm design and Industrial Kynar® housings with double junction reference for extended probe life.


pH Range 2 to 10
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Reproducibility +/- 2 %
Zero Potential (Eo) 7.00 pH
Slope (Span) 4 to 10 pH > 93% of Scale
Offset (Zero) at 7pH 0 mV +/- 30 mV
Membrane Resistance < 100 MΩ
Max Pressure 50 PSI
Wetted Parts Kynar®, Viton®, PVC, and Epoxy

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