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Stirring Hot Plates Cimarec® Ceramic Top Biotechnology

Stirring Hot Plates Cimarec® Ceramic Top

Brand:Thermo Scientific
Product Code:Cimarec
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  • Flashing digital warning system - for ultimate safety on hot plate models
  • Easy to read digital temperature settings, adjustable and repeatable
  • Stable, low-profile design
  • Seamless reflective white ceramic top, alkali/acid resistant
  • High-wattage heating element for faster boiling
  • Microprocessor feedback speed control (stirring model)
  • Strong magnetic coupling (stirring model)
  • Integral ring-stand holder
  • Detachable cord


Of course you think about safety in the lab. All the time. But with Cimarec® hot plates and stirring hotplates, you'll have one less safety issue to worry about. Cimarec's unique hot-surface alert system protects you and your staff from burns. The red "CAUTION! HOT TOP" alert illuminates when the temperature is heated above 50°C.

When the heat is turned off, the digital display flashes "Hot" "Off" until the heating surface has cooled to below 50°C. And Cimarec's solid, low-profile design provides stability and reduces chances for tipping and spilling. In addition, the smooth, seamless ceramic top allow for easier cleaning and an alkali/acid-resistant surface.

Cimarec plates heat up fast. Beacause of higher wattage, this unit brings liquids to a boil quicker than others. Yet it's more than fast. Featuring a large digital display that is both easy-to-read and precise, Cimarec temperature settings are adjustable in 5° incements - from 5° up to 540°C, depending on the model.

Temperature settings are consistent, repeatable, and accurate, due to optimized microprocessor-controlled feedback. On stirring models, the unique StirTrac™ technology offers improved slow-speed stirring, consistent speed control, and stronger magnetic coupling. The StirTrac braking feature brings the stir bar to an immediate stop for quick flask removal.


Cat. No. Description
  Model Electrical
Stir Range Temp. Range Shipping
Heating surface: 4.25 x 4.25in. (10.8 x 10.8cm);
Overall dimensions(WxDxH): 5.0 x 10 x 3.6 in. (12.7 x 25.4 x 9.7cm)
S130815 Stirrer 120V, 3.4A, 20W 50-1200 rpm N/A 4.9lb (2.2kg)
S130810-33 Stirrer 220-240V, 0.1A, 15W 50-1200 rpm N/A 4.9lb (2.2kg)
HP130915 Hot plate 120V, 3.4A, 410W N/A 5-540°C
5.2lb (2.4kg)
HP130910-33 Hot plate 220-240V, 1.9A, 460W N/A 5-540°C
5.2lb (2.4kg)
SP131015 Stirring hot plate 120V, 3.4A, 410W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
7lb (3.2kg)
SP131010-33 Stirring hot plate 220-240V, 1.9A, 460W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
7lb (3.2kg)
Heating surface: 7.25 x 7.25in. (18.4 x 18.4cm);
Overall dimensions(WxDxH):8.2 x 13 x 3.8in. (20.8 x 33 x 9.7cm)
S131125 Stirrer 120V, 8.6A, 18W 50-1200 rpm N/A 9.2 lb (4.2kg)
S131120-33 Stirrer 220-240V, 0.1A, 15W 50-1200 rpm N/A 9.2 lb (4.2kg)
HP131225 Hot plate 120V, 8.6A, 1040W N/A 5-540°C
9.2 lb (4.2kg)
HP131220-33 Hot plate 220-240V, 5.0A, 1200W N/A 5-540°C
9.2 lb (4.2kg)
SP131325 Stirring hot plate 120V, 8.6A, 1040W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
11 lb (5.0kg)
SP131325-33 Stirring hot plate 220-240V, 5.0A, 1200W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
11 lb (5.0kg)
Heating surface: 10.25 X 10.25in. (26 x 26cm);
Overall dimensions(WxDxH): 11.3 x 16.2 x 4in. (28.7 x 41.1 x 10.1cm)
S131435 Stirrer 120V, 12.0A, 31W 50-1200 rpm N/A 13.5 lb (6.0kg)
S131430-33 Stirrer 220-240V, 0.1A, 15W 50-1200 rpm N/A 13.5 lb (6.0kg)
HP131535 Hot plate 120V, 12A, 1440W N/A 5-540°C
15.2lb (6.9kg)
HP131530-33 Hot plate 220-240V, 6.6A, 1600W N/A 5-540°C
15.2lb (6.9kg)
SP131635 Stirring hot plate 120V, 12A, 1440W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
17 lb (7.7kg)
SP131635-33 Stirring hot plate 220-240V, 6.6A, 1600W 50-1200 rpm 5-540°C
17 lb (7.7kg)
-33 models are CE Marked


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