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Mechanical Tension Meters

Mechanical Tension Meters

Product Code:DX2 Series

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A precise jeweled movement, choice of ball bearing mounted rollers and rugged cast aluminum housing makes the DX2 ideal for the toughest production floor application. Built-in mounting holes permit fixed installation for continuous in-line use.

10 ranges, 5-50g to 5-20 kg

  • Thumb-operated, roller-shifting mechanism and exclusive snare-guide automatically guides the moving filament into the V-grooves eliminating breaks and snags.
  • Front filament loading permits the operator to observe running material, rollers and dial face at all times.
  • DX2's are individually calibrated for highest accuracy.
  • DX2's  hard-coated aluminum, V-groved rollers are rated for speeds up to 2000 m/min or Optionally, up to 5000 m/min.
  • Built-in material thickness compensator maximizes accuracy when using filaments of different diameters.
  • NIST calibration available.

Air Damping (A)
An adjustable, precision are dashpot provides steady tension readings as tensions fluctuate.
Lever (L)
A heavy-duty, lever-operated mechanism moves the outer rollers for easy acquisition of the running filament. Recommended for models of 10 kg or higher.
Memory Pointer (M)
Designed to retain the peak tension value as tensions fluctuate. Manually reset by using the knob located in the center of the dial.
High Speed Bearing (K)
Rated for speeds up to 3500 m/min.
Ultra High Speed Roller Assembly (HS)
Rated for speeds up to 5000 m/min.

Accuracy ±1% of full scale or ± graduation mark on scale
Diameter of Scale 41 mm
Maximum Speed (standard) 200 m/min - (Optional) 3500 m/min (K); (Optional) 5000 m/min (HS)
Outer Roller Distance, c:c
  • DX2-5 to DX2-EX: 38 mm
  • DX2-200 to DX2-1K: 100 mm
  • DX2-2K: 150 mm
  • DXX-3K to DXX-5K: 250 mm
Roller Material (standard) Hard-coated aluminum
(Optional) : Hardened steel (ST); Chromed Steel (W); Ceramic (CE); Plastic(PL)
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum
Dimensions 225 x 90 x 44 mm (8.6" x 3.5" x 1.7")
Weight 500g (1.1 lbs) (aprox.)



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