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Moisture | Non-destructive Moisture Meter for Restoration

Moisture | Non-destructive Moisture Meter for Restoration

Product Code:TechScan

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The TechScan is a versatile and non-destructive meter that is great for restoration. Its advanced RF technology and adjustable alarm make it easy to quickly cover large areas and locate high moisture spots. With an intuitive user interface, species correction chart, and built in calibration and battery checks, the TechScan provides the perfect blend of accuracy and functionality in a non-destructive meter.

TechScan’s features provide benefits for users throughout the restorationindustry. With the TechScan:

• Quickly discover high moisture levels with scan and hold features, even inhard-to-reach areas
• Adjust the alarm to match the dry standards at each particular job site.
• Use in conjunction with a Delmhorst pin meter for greater accuracy

TechScan. Not destructive. Not invasive. Not a problem.

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