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Mold | Prism Mold 2x2x10

Mold | Prism Mold 2x2x10",2-Mold

Product Code:ASTM C151 C157 C227 C311 C342 C441 C452 C490 C531

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Designed to produce the required 10" effective gauge length, prism molds Molds feature removable partitions, base and end plates.

Effective gauge length is measured from inside end of the studs. Molds produce cement prism specimens 11-1/4" long.
Including studs, outside to outside length of specimen is 11-5/8".

  • Applications include:
    • Volume change tests of mortars.


Cat. No. Description
HU3251 PRISM MOLD 2x2x10",2-Mold , cold-rolled steel
HU3255 PRISM MOLD 1x1x 5", 2-Mold , cold-rolled steel


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