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Oven | Heratherm Large Capacity Ovens from Thermo

Oven | Heratherm Large Capacity Ovens from Thermo

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  • Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm® large capacity ovens are designed for larger samples or high sample volumes, providing valuable space while maintaining a small footprint. 
  • General Protocol ovens provide higher chamber capacity for your day-to-day drying and heating applications.
  • Advanced Protocol ovens offer mechanical convection technology for faster drying and better temperature stability and uniformity.
  • Greater flexibility, accuracy and dependability are provided through a range of additional features.
Energy efficient Exceptional temperature 
performance to protect your valuable samples
Optional stainless steel exterior for Advanced Protocol units
  • Our Heratherm ovens feature an environmentally friendly, cost-saving design, reducing energy consumption by as much as 23%* compared to conventional models
  • Optimal uniformity: as good as +/-2.1°C.
  • Optimal stability: as good as +/-0.3°C (measured at 150°C)
  • Meets demanding needs in pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories
* Based on internal testing, 04/2012


Heratherm 400 L
Large Capacity General Protocol Ovens
  • Two sizes (400 L and 750 L)
  • Gravity convection technology for gentle heating and drying
  • Low overall energy consumption
  • Optimal use of chamber with flexible shelving system and lockable castors for easy set-up / moving
  • Timer to turn on/off at specified time for energy savings
Gravity Convection
Order Number Model Internal Volume L/CU.FT. Maximum Temperature °C
51029327  OGS400  419 / 14.8  250
51029339  OGS750  774 / 27.3  250
Heratherm 750 L
Large Capacity Advanced Protocol Ovens
  • Mechanical convection technology ensures optimal temperature distribution, and fast heat-up and drying processes
  • Programmable controller for pre-defined temperature ramps

> Damper can be opened and closed electronically

> Selection of two fan speeds for application flexibility

  • Timer extends the automation options available to the user
  • Inner chamber made from stainless steel (highly resistant quality AISI 304)
Mechanical Convection
Order Number MODEL  Internal Volume L/CU.FT. Maximum Temperature °C
51029329  OMH400  396 / 14  250
51029330  OMH400 SS**  396 / 14  250
51029343  OMH750  731 / 25.8  250***
51029344  OMH750 SS**  731 / 25.8  250***
* All units are 208/240V
** Stainless steel exterior
*** With 208V and open damper max temperature is 220 °C – please use 240V connection for higher temperature applications



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