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Oven Large Capacity

Oven Large Capacity

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These economical, large-capacity, bench ovens from the Grieve Corporation are designed to handle a wide variety of applications, which require a maximum temperature of 400°F (204°C) with a ±0.5% control accuracy and ±8°F (4°C) uniformity for efficient drying of large samples.

All models feature an analog thermocouple-actuated, temperature controller and a 1/3 HP motor with a 400 CFM blower. Ovens have 2" (51mm) 6 lb/cf industrial rockwool insulation and the built-in baffle helps prevent radiant heat and optimizes oven heating operation. All ovens have 304 stainless steel interiors, explosion venting latches and incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements. All ovens feature a ULlisted control panel and meet the requirements of National Fire Prevention Association Standard 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. Motor starter and heating element contactors are electrically interlocked to shut off heaters if power to the blower is interrupted, and, permits operation of the blower without heat for cooling.

Ovens include two (2) 50lb (22.7kg) capacity nickel-plated wired shelves, which can be placed on any of the 10 support channels, which are located on 3" centers. Extra shelves can be ordered to accomodate needs.

Digital Controller Option for Ovens
A digital, Microprocessor-based indicating, thermocouple-acutated temperature controller can be requested at time of order. Add the suffix. DIG2 to the oven model number, (ie: GR32300.DIG2).
Additional Shelf for GR32300 - GR32300.1
Additional Shelf for GR32333 - GR32333.1
Additional Shelf for GR32343 - GR32343.1
Optional Stand for GH32300 - GR32300.2
Optional Stand for GH32333 - GR32333.2
Optional Stand for GH32343 - GR32343.2
50lb (22.7kg) capacity nickel-plated wired shelf for use with GH32300 oven. Designed to hold oven at convenient 24" working height. Specify model number of oven when ordering.


Cu. ft (m)
Inside Dim.
CAT. NO. Description
Voltage Outer Dim.
Kw Rise
15.8 (.447) 36"x21"x36"
GR32300.2F 230V, 60Hz 1ph 40"x28"x47"
4.4 18
GR32300.2F.3 230V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32300.8F 208V, 60Hz 1ph
GR32300.8F.3 208V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32300.9F.3 460V, 60Hz 3ph
27 (.764) 36"x39"x36"
GR32333.2F 230V, 60Hz 1ph 40"x43"x47"
6.6 18
GR32333.2F.3 230V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32333.8F 208V, 60Hz 1ph
GR32333.8F.3 208V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32333.9F.3 460V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32343.2F 230V, 60Hz 1ph 40"x55"x47"
6.6 22
GR32343.2F.3 230V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32343.8F 208V, 60Hz 1ph
GR32343.8F.3 208V, 60Hz 3ph
GR32343.9F.3 460V, 60Hz 3ph


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