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Portable Video Inspection System

Portable Video Inspection System

Product Code:IA-PSW-A14Z

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System Contents
  • WM-5.6-MON WalkAbout III™ - 5.6” LCD Display
  • WPC-2.5Z - 10:1 Color Zoom Camera
  • AP-T14 - 14’ Telescoping/Articulating Pole
  • BAT-2 - Two (2) NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • WBC - Battery Charger (Power Supply not shown)
  • T-CASE - Custom Carrying Case
  • WUH - Universal Chest Harness
    A/V Cable & Vehicle (Power Adapter not shown)


Recommended Additions
THC-50D Dual mode thermal camera
Locate elevated temperature components through smoke and darkness. Switch to visible light camera for better object identification.
Gain visual access into rooms or compartments through openings as small as ¼” (6mm).
2 Foot fixed length pole for access in confined spaces.
Allows use of alkaline "D" cells when the rechargeable batteries are not charged. Good for emergency situations.


Display Size
& Weight
Detached WalkAbout: 6.64”W x 7.53”H x 1.38”D / 2.5 lbs. (LCD); 5.47”W x 3.72”H x 2.70” D/1.47 lbs. (Base) Standard WalkAbout: 6.91”W x 9.44”H x 3.72”D / 3.47 lbs.
Construction Rubber encapsulated aluminum case for shock resistance and weatherproofing
Display Size 5.6” measured diagonally
Resolution 640 x 480
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
LCD Controls Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint, Mirror, Backlight, Sharpness
Mounting Options Display can be worn on vest, belt or harness; detached display can also be hand held
Video Format Auto switches between NTSC (American) or PAL (European)
Charger 12VDC from either power supply or vehicle adapter
Batteries NiMH, 7.2V, 2.7AH
Discharge Time 2 hrs. with LEDs off
Charge Time 2 hrs. when fully discharged
Base Controls
& Indicators
On/Off; LED intensity; Low battery
Connections Camera (pole), A/V output, DC input (7.2V to 12V)


Model WPC-2.5Z LLC-1.4
Construction Submersible enclosure with hard-coated window
Size & Weight 2.5”D x 4.0”L / 0.66 lbs. 1.6”D x 2.9”L / 0.2 lbs.
Features 24 Bright white LED illuminated, color camera,
480 TV Lines, 5° to 46° FOV
9 Bright white LED illuminated, color camera,
270K pixels (320K/PAL), .03 lux, 6.0 mm, 53° FOV


Part of System IA-PSW-A9 IA-PSW-A14Z IA-PSW14
Construction Rugged, watertight, plastic carry case with foam inserts having compartments for all components.
Size 53” x 17” x 6”
Weight loaded 37 lbs. 37lbs. 36 lbs


Model AP-T9 AP-T14 T-FNS-14
Part of System IA-PSW-A9 IA-PSW-A14Z IA-PSW14
Construction 3 Section telescoping pole,
2 internal aluminum sections and
an external fiberglass
section with foam grip
6 Section telescoping pole,
5 internal aluminum and
an external fiberglass section
with foam grip
4 Section fiberglass
Collars Rugged, break-proof, easy grip, twist collars for each pole section.
Articulation Mechanical pull cable system operated by an easy-to-use twist handle. Camera range of ± 90° with detents. Twist collar allows camera angle to be locked at any position. 1 foot flexible gooseneck can be flexed into any position
Collapsed Length 4 ft. 3 in. 4 ft. 1 in. 4 ft. with gooseneck folded
Extended Length 8 ft. 7 in. 14 ft. 1 in. 13 ft. 11 in.
Weight 6.4 lbs. 8.1 lbs. 5.3 lbs.


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