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Test Stand Bat 750

Test Stand Bat 750

Product Code:Bat 750

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To ensure correct positioning of the force gauge as compared with the sample tested, the BAT 750 basic manual test stand provides a solution that is easy to apply. It can be used in tension or compression, for tests requiring forces for up to 150 lb.

The base is made up of a flat plate on which the sample to be tested is placed, and it holds two columns on which the sliding crosshead moves:

  • The force gauge is fitted on the crosshead, which is free of play and has a travel distance of 12 in.
  • The crosshead is moved by hand, using a hand wheel at the top and a worm screw system.
  • At the end of travel (lower end), the crosshead movement can
Model BAT 750
Capacity: maximum force in tension and compression 150 lb
Travel 12 in
Screw pitch 0.08 in/revolution
Workable dimensions 3.5 in x 4.7 in
Maximum clearance below the crosshead 11 in
Weight 17 lbs
Overall dimensions without force gauge Height: 23 in
Width: 9 in
Depth: 9 in

Optional: displacement sensor
The BAT 750 R basic manual test stand is fitted with a displacement sensor. The BAT 750 can be modified for more thorough tests. When the test conditions require measurement of displacement a digital sensor is fitted on the columns to enable the two measurements to be combined


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