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Pump | Slurry Pumps

Pump | Slurry Pumps

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Typical Applications
  • Mineral processing (coal, copper, gold, iron ore, nickel, oil sands, phosphate)
  • Power generation
  • Aggregate (sand & gravel)
  • Ash handling
  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • Thickener & tailings
  • Mine dewatering
  • Industrial slurries
  • Dredge


Size Range
  • Discharge diameters – 50 to 300 mm (2” to 12”)
  • Flows – to 3865 m3/h (17,000 gpm)
  • Total Head to 90 m (300 ft)
  • Up to 520 kW (700 HP)
  • Shaft sizes from 35 mm to 125 mm


Major Advantages
  • Long wear life
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent suction performance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Large sphere passage

The LCC pump design incorporates stateof-the-art hydraulic design and wear materials for heavy-duty applications. LCC (Life Cycle Cost) pumps provide a low total cost of ownership. The wear components are offered in a variety of proprietary hard iron alloys, and special elastomers, for abrasive and corrosive services. Only two pedestals are required for the entire range of seven wet end sizes to maximize system flexibility and reduce your inventory.

Interchangeable rubber and metal designs allow best material choice for any application. The LCC Rubber Pump is fitted with a Linatex® rubber liner. Linatex® is a superior wear product compared to any other natural rubber in today’s market.

Available with either oil or grease lubrication depending on application and user preference.

Rubber: Replaceable bolt-in, high wear life rubber liners for fine to medium sized solids. Precision molded rubber impeller is also available. Linatex® is the single rubber supplier for the GIW LCC-R pump. Metal: Abrasion resistant hard iron wet end using GIW’s high chrome Gasite® alloy.

Wear Parts
1) Twisted vane impeller design for high efficiency, large passage and superior suction performance.
2) Impeller suction side pump out vanes minimize wear.
3) One piece suction plate/liner simplifies maintenance.
4) Pump shell is computer designed to optimize wear and efficiency. Designed for ease of assembly and maintenance.
5) Fused carbide coated shaft sleeve for long packing life.

Pump Sealing
6) Standard stuffing box with optional mechanical seal or expeller version.

Mechanical End
7) Inpro® labyrinth shaft seals to protect bearings.
8) Radial end double spherical roller bearing and drive end heavy duty tapered roller bearing for high thrust capacity.
9) Concentric design cartridge bearing housing for easy assembly and excellent packing life.

Impeller Adjustment
10) Accurate impeller clearance adjustments are easily made with the adjusting screw.

Quick Alignment
11) The one piece, cast iron pedestal for rigid installation and rapid field maintenance.

12) Rubber and metal wet ends allow best material choice for any application.



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