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Sieve Shaker | Digital Sieve Shaker D450

Sieve shaker | Digital sieve shaker

Product Code:D450

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Sieves supplied separately

The Endecotts D450 Digital is a vibrating shaker that is used to carry out sieve tests in conjunction with sieve stacks for particle sizing of various material samples.

 This Sieve Shaker can take up to 18 inch diameter test sieves!

It is based on an electromagnetic drive, with special carbon fibre springs that are set at a calculated angle to provide a horizontal twist, as well as a vertical movement to carry out efficient sieve tests.

The D450 has a remote control unit that houses a digital controller to vary the vibration, process time and intermittent settings.

The intermittent time operates within the process time so that the vibration is turned on and off during the total sieving time. The intermittent timer is controlled by an override switch to enable the shaker to operate in the continuous or intermittent mode.  The process time and amplitude are displayed on the same digital display. The process time is displayed in minutes and the Amplitude is a proportion of the maximum displacement.  The maximum displacement is dependent on the number of sieves and the weight of sample.

By utilising the same dynamic control panel as the D200 the D450 offers outstanding control features. The complete vibration system has been built to handle the sample weights involved with larger diameter sieves eliminating the problems involved with lighter weight machines. These two features combine to give an extremely high performance shaker in the 450 range.

Suitable for Wet Washing

The wet sieving conversion kit includes top clamping plate with a Perspex cover and spray rose, watertight seals and a stainless steel receiver with drainage spout.


When sieving certain types of media, such as slurries, it has been found more efficient to utilise the Wet Sieving Method. In order to use this method it is necessary to obtain a Wet Sieving Adaptor Kit which is suitable for the shaker and diameter of sieves intended to be used and comprises:-

1 - Special Wet Sieving Clamp Plate
1 - Set of 'O' Ring Seals
1 - Special Wet Sieving Receiver (supplied with additional standard receiver)
1 - Nylon Hose tail

POWER SUPPLY - It is recommended that the mains power is supplied via a Residual Current Device (Power Breaker


  1. Remove Blanking Plug situated at the rear of the Shaker close to the lower edge of cover. Fit the Nylon Hose tail and screw firmly home. Connect a flexible hose to this Hose tail and feed to suitable drainage point.
  2. The Wet Sieving Receiver is positioned on the Sieve Location Casting on the Shaker instead of / or on the standard receiver when used on the D450. The outlet tube is connected by means of a flexible hose, to a convenient drain or solvent recovery container.
  3. The required sieves are stacked on the Wet Sieving Receiver, using one Sieve 'O' Ring Seal between each sieve and between the lower sieve and the receiver.
  4. The Wet Sieving Clamp Plate is positioned centrally on top of the upper-most sieve and securely clamped.
  5. Reversed the spray nozzle on top of the Octagon & EFL's Wet Sieving Clamp Plate. Connect to a water or solvent supply, via a suitable hose by means of a flexible hose clip. The pressure must be 3KP/cm2 (42 PSI) approx. with a flow rate of 1.5 litres/min. The flow rate may need regulating if liquids appear to fill the sieves completely.
  6. With the liquid supply turned on, sieving is carried out using the Sieve Shaker in a similar manner to dry sieving.


All shakers are electrically operated and it is therefore important to ensure that the liquid used in wet sieving operations NEVER come into contact with the shaker mechanism or input terminals.

Endecotts machines are supplied with a spillage drain for minor spills. The drain is not intended to be used for overflows or external water sprays.

This Wet Sieving accessory is supplied for use with Endecotts Test Sieve Shakers and should only be used by qualified personnel.

It is recommended that the mains power supply is via a residual current device on a miniature circuit breaker (Power Breaker).

If there is a doubt with respect to the use of equipment,contact a qualified electrician IMMEDIATELY!

Extreme care should be taken to avoid contact with the shaker,or any electrical part of supply in operation at any time.

In the event that water spills into the shaker DO NOT TOUCH THE SHAKER.

With dry hands switch of the supply at the mains and disconnect the mains supply. The shaker should be allowed to dry out thoroughly and examined by qualified personnel before further use.


Should wet sieving be a routine procedure then consideration should be given to the possible use of a remote controlled system.

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