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Testing Screen | Speed Variation Accessory

Testing Screen | Speed Variation Accessory

Product Code:TSA-154R for TS & TM Testing Screens

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Models TSA-154R and TSA-153 Speed Variation Accessories allow precise electronic control of vibration speed on TS and TM Testing Screens. For materials with specific gravities appreciably different than mineral aggregates or for materials finer than #4 (4.75mm), adjustment of the vibration speed assures optimum separations. The kit has a 220V 3-phase replacement motor and an industrial grade variable frequency drive. Remotely-mounted digital controller displays strokes per minute and is factory set to operate in a range of 450 to 650 strokes per minute. Controller dimensions: 6.1x4.3x7.5" (159x108x191mm), WxDxH. Unit may be configured to operate on 50Hz electrical supply. Retrofitting on TS-1 models requires minor machine modifications. Shipping Weight: 30 lb (13.6kg).

Speed Variation Accessory
Speed Variation Accessory Model
For TS-1 & TS-2 TSA-154R
For TM-3 & TM-4 TSA-153


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