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Thermometer | Infrared dual lasers thermometer w/Type-K

Thermometer | Infrared dual lasers thermometer w/Type-K

Product Code:4485

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Traceable® Infrared Dual Laser Thermometer, operation is simple—turn on, point at sample, and take a reading in less than a second. Dual lasers indicate the outer diameter of the surface area being measured and the white LED light illuminates the surface. Field of view is 12:1 (for example, at a distance of 24 inches the reading spot size is 2 inches). Unit reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius of any surface—solids, semisolids, and liquids. Non-invasive, no-touch, measurements are ideal for food, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, clean rooms, electronics, and field use. Temperature range is –76 to 1022°F and –60 to 550°C. Resolution is 0.1°. Accuracy is ±2% or 2°C + 2%.

The dual display shows current temperature plus one of the following eight modes: emissivity value, maximum memory, minimum memory, differential, average (time weighted), high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, and probe temperature. Minimum and maximum feature permits viewing highest and lowest readings at any time. Thermometer displays the average of all readings made while taking measurements and the difference between two readings. Audible, user settable, high and low alarms signal out of range conditions. Display backlight permits viewing in low light conditions. For measurement of different types of material, adjustable emissivity may be set from 0.1 to 1.00 in increments of 0.01. Range using Type-K thermocouple jack is –83 to 2552°F and –64 to 1400°C.



  • 2 Laser sightings for accuracy
  • -76 to 1022°F and -60 to 550°C Range
  • 12 to 1 Field of View



Stainless-Steel Type-K Probe

Stainless-steel with handle, triple purpose (liquids, air/gas, and semisolids), Type-K probe.

Temperature range is –50 to 700°C. Dimensions: 0.13-inch diameter; 5-inch stem length; 7-1/2-inch overall length.

Supplied with 40-inch cable.

Cat. No.


CC4485-000 Infrared Dual Lasers Thermometer
CC4014-000 Stainless-Steel Type-K Probe



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