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Thichness Gauge | Inspection Standard & Top Paint Gauge

Thichness Gauge | Inspection Standard & Top Paint Gauge

Product Code:Elcometer 121/4

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Available in two models, the Elcometer 121 is designed to measure the thickness of single or multiple layers of coatings on virtually all substrate types including wood, plastic and metal. Both models are supplied with an illuminated, integrated graticule, x50 microscope. The Top model has an integrated rotary tool holder which accommodates three standard cutters and one cross hatch cutter.

Coating Thickness Gauges - Destructive
Destructive thickness measurement is often the only guaranteed method available to test certain coating / substrate combinations including paint applied to concrete, wood, plaster, plastic etc. When it is necessary to measure the individual layer thickness of multiple-layer coating system, the most accurate method available is the Paint inspection Gauge (P.I.G) coating thickness gauge


At a Glance
  • Destructive coating thickness gauge used to measure multi-layer coatings
  • Perform hardness and cross hatch adhesion tests with a single gauge (Elcometer 121/4 Top only)



Technical Specification
  Standard Top
Range 2 – 2000μm (0.08 – 80mils) – Dependent on cutter used
Accuracy Dependent on tool cut angle, half a division
Dimensions 110 x 75 x 30mm (4.3 x 3 x 1.2”) 110 x 75 x 40mm (4.3 x 3 x 1.6”)
Weight 369g (13oz) 383g (13.5oz)
Part Numbers A121---SM Elcometer 121/4 Standard PIG, Metric  A121---TM Elcometer 121/4 Top PIG, Metric
A121---SE Elcometer 121/4 Standard PIG, Imperial A121---TE Elcometer 121/4 Top PIG, Imperial
Elcometer 121/4 Standard or Top P.I.G., cutter 1, 4 and 6, integral x50 microscope Metric or Imperial scale, AG3 batteries (x4) for lamp - fitted, hexagonal wrench,
black marker pen, wrist strap, carry



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