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Vibrating Tables for Concrete

Vibrating Tables for Concrete

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  • Internal (poker) vibrator having a diameter not exceeding approx. ¼ of the smallest dimension of the test specimen. Not suitable for very low slump concrete
  • Vibrating tables
  • Compacting rod 16 mm dia., 600 mm long
  • Compacting bar 25x25 mm sq. section, 380 mm long.

Standard models
Robustly manufactured to operate with minimum noise level. 3000 vibrations per minute with a facility to vary the intensity of vibration if required.

They can be fitted and completed by a clamping device and waterproof pedal switch (see 55-C0159/11).
Vibrating plate
A version of portable vibrating plate, 12 V DC operated, also available. It can be connected to the vehicle cigar lighter. Light and portable: 10 kg only. Suitable for all standard plastic and metal cube and cylinder moulds.

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