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Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinet

Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinet

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  • Special contrast control filter absords UV energy to protect the eyes.
  • Soft rubber viewport provides a comfortable viewing area with adequante space for eyeglasses.
  • Lightweight access curtain blocks out external lighting.
  • Bottom panel of cabinets is removeable.


Mini Viewing Cabinets
Mini viewing cabinets are constructed with a metal base and plastic top. The lamps fits snugly on top of the cabinet. Each cabinet is designed to be used with specific UVP lamp models.

  • Use the C-10 with Compact and Handheld UV Lamps
  • Use the C-10E with the four watt EL Lamps
  • Use the C-10P with the Rechargeable Lamps, excellent for field use.
  • The C-15G Cabinet combines the C-10 with the UVGL-58 multi-band shortwave/longwave lamp to provide a self-contained illumination system -- the most popular model.


Large Viewing Cabinets
The Chromato-Vuew Viewing Cabinets shown here are equipped with a large interior. The bottom panel of each cabinet is removeable so the cabinet may be placed over samples or transilluminator. All large viewing cabinets are constructed of durable, lightweight plastic. Rocker on/off and control switches plus interior white light are included with each model.
  • C-70G includes two each of 15-watt, longwave UV tubes mounted on one side of the cabinet. Control switches are conveniently located for selecting either of the UV wavelengths or the interior white light.
  • C-71 is similar to the C-70G, but has four 15-watt, longwave UV tubes situated on one side of the unit. The longwave provides brilliant fluorescence for applications such as non-destructive testing.
  • C-75 offers high intensity 15-watt shortwave and longwave tubes positioned on two sides of the cabinet for uniform illumination for fluorescence studies such as TLC. Rocker switches and an interior white light are included.
Variation on the c-75: Optional GelCam camera and camera mount can be placed on top of the C-75 for photodocumentation applications in TCL.


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