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Compression Machine Readout Unit, Battery Operated

Compression Machine Readout Unit, Battery Operated

Product Code:LP1

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Connect the LP1 indicator with a load cell or pressure transducer (sold separately) to a manual or semi-automatic machine capable of compressing or pulling materials, components, and devices to measure their live and peak load/stress.

Typical applications include: measuring peak load in tension or compression, measuring pull-out or press-in forces, concrete cylinder testing, cement cube testing, beam flexure testing, remote on-site testing, and proof load testing.


• 14 bit A/D conversion resolution
• Selectable gain 1, 2, 5, 10, 20
• Two calibration tables
• Stress calculation property
• Break failure algorithm
• Ten conversion rates per second
• Pace rate display property


Cat. No. Description
GEN4920-00 Battery Operated Readout Unit



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