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Gillmore Apparatus

Gillmore Apparatus

Product Code: ASTM C91 C141 C150 C266 C414

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Used to determine initial and final set times of Portland cement, masonry cement, hydraulic hydrated lime and certain mortars.

Complies with ASTM standards C91, C141, C150, C266, C414; AASHTO T154. Comprised of two stainless steel needles with 3/16" (4.8mm) cylindrical flat-end needles.

One is 1/12" (2.12mm) dia. 1/4lb. (113.4g) weight for initial set. The second is 1/24" (1.06mm) dia., 1lb (453.6g) weight for final set.

Shipping wt. 10lb (4.5kg)


Cat. No. Description
HU3150 Gillmore Apparatus
HU3154 Flat Plate Strike Off For Exact 1/2" Thickness
HU3151 Needle with Weight, 1/24" (1.06mm) dia.
HU3152 Needle with Weight, 1/12" (2.12mm) dia.
HU3152.4 Gillmore Needle, .050" dia.


  • Needle for final set with H-3050 Vicat
  • Vicat needle for final set.
  • Conforms to BS EN 196-3.
  • For use with H-3150 Vicat Apparatus


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