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Jigs | Circular jigs

Jigs | Circular jigs

Product Code:SE050G-101

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The Cleaveland Circular Jigs’s patented circular design enables it to have a very large rate (tons/hour) of ore processed per square foot of jig bed. This unique design incorporate a circular hutch compartment to reduce the effect to excess top water (removal of fines heavy products in overflow). The radial design of the jig maximizes the space/efficiency factors, provides superior feed distribution, eliminates side wall friction and utilizes the feed box as an initial classifier by concentrating the primary feed, by means of hindered settling, in the jig center. Maximum comparative recoveries may be realized in the Cleaveland jig, since the classified ore is introduced into the jig at the center where the primary classification occurs, recovering much of the “high value” concentrate in the center, and distributing the “lower value” ore radially outward in a 360 degree pattern where it progressively separates the valuable heavy minerals from the sand and gravel or lighter density materials.

The Cleaveland Circular Jig is available in standard sizes ranging from 3 feet diameter to 18 feet diameter, both in single and tandem versions, and with production rates ranging from 11 cubic yards per hour to 382 cubic yards per hour. Larger sizes available.

Cat. No. Description
Jig size Jig capacity
SE050G-101 3 Ft. Dia 11 CY/Hr
SE050G-102 3 Ft. Dia Tandem 21 CY/Hr
SE050G-103 6 Ft. Dia 42 CY/Hr
SE050G-104 9 Ft. Dia 95 CY/Hr
SE050G-105 9 Ft. Dia Tandem 190 CY/Hr
SE050G-106 18 Ft. Dia 382 CY/Hr


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