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Agitators multi-stage propeller for pilot plant applications

Agitators multi-stage propeller for pilot plant applications

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Geneq offers a complete line of pilot plant propeller agitators for mineral, chemical, and other industries. The multi-stage agitators are designed for either continuous pilot plant or individual batch operations. Basic uses are as reagent conditioners ahead of flotation or for chemical leaching or dissolution of minerals or other materials.


  • For continuous operation, the multi-stage feature minimizes or eliminates short circuiting.
  • Reagents or chemicals can be stage added.
  • Retention time can be reduced by disconnecting one or more units.
  • Units are designed for slurry or liquid applications.
  • Agitators can be operated individually as batch units.
  • Construction is available in either mild steel for neutral slurries, lined with rubber, neoprene, or other elastomers or fabricated of stainless steel, other exotic metals, or FRP (fiberglass reinforce polyester resins).
  • Units are mounted on a structural steel stand at a convenient operating level. Easily portable for insertion in a pilot plant circuit.
  • Motor is sized for flexibility to handle high density slurries.
  • Variable pitch V-belt drives provide a wide range of propeller speed.
  • Units available with axial flow propellers for mass flow mixing or vertical turbines for intimate mixing or shear.

Special sizes available to suit.


Cat. No. Description
QPEC9X12-0 Multistage agitator 9’’ x 12’’
QPEC12X15-0 Multistage agitator 12’’ x 15’’
QPEC21X24-0 Multistage agitator 21’’ x 24’


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