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Oven | Revolving Shelf Oven - 220V, 50Hz

Oven | Revolving Shelf Oven - 220V, 50Hz

Product Code:H-30065

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Revolving Shelf Oven, 220V 50Hz- H-30065.4F
This, revolving shelf, gravity convection asphalt drying ovens has been designed for use in a wide range of specialty ASTM or general purpose applications including thin film and loss on heating tests. Temperature range from 40°C to 260°C (up to 500°F). Revolving 13-1/2" (342mm) dia. shelf holds four 5-1/2" (140mm) H-1540 or H-1541 pans or nine 2.17" (55mm) dia. H-1350 sample cups. Has externally mounted 5 RPM induction motor without brushes, non-exposed heaters clamped between double walls, heavy-gauge steel insulated door and an 11" x 11" (30 x 30cm) double-paned window. Two types of thermometers are included: ASTM 13°C loss on heat (+155°C to +170°C) mounted on shelf support shaft with two sets of mounting brackets and a standard thermometer. Standard thermometer for insertion through the top of oven when operated as utility oven, (0°C to +300°C range.) Inside dimensions are: 19" x 18" x 15" (48 x 46 x 38cm). Overall dimensions are: 27" x 26" x 39" (68 x 66 x 99cm). Order test pans and sample cups separately. Meets ASTM D1754, D6; AASHTO T179, T47. Shipping wt. 270 lbs. (122kg)

Thin Film Test Pan, Stainless Steel- H-1540
Stainless steel pan used with H-30065 revolving shelf oven in testing the effect of heat and air on semisolid asphaltic materials. Flat-bottom pan is 5-1/2" ID x 3/8" (140 x 9.5mm). Meets ASTM D1754, AASHTO T179.

Thin Film Test Pan, Aluminum- H-1541
Aluminum version of the H-1540 Pan.

Sample Cups- H-1350.3A


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