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Colorimetric Fluid Contamination Analysis

Colorimetric Fluid Contamination Analysis

Product Code:MPC Patch

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The MPC Patch is an exclusive Fluitec offering that allows you to monitor both hard and soft contamination in lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The kit is portable making it suitable for both field and laboratory environments.

The included membrane patches are 0.45-microns allowing you to run the Membrane Patch Colorimetry test (ASTM D7843) for measuring varnish potential.

The MPC Patch is designed to work with the MPC Color, a visual spectrophotometer for color determination.

Reveal Patch Test Kit Includes:
  • Millipore Patch Test / Filter Holder Assembly
  • 110V Vacuum Pump and Tubing
  • Solvent Dispensing Bottle w/Filter
  • Filter Forceps
  • Qty of 100, 47 mm / 0.45-Micron Patches
  • MPC Procedure and Manual
  • Warranty-First Year All Parts and Labor are Covered


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