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Excellence Dropping Point Systems Material Testing

Excellence Dropping Point Systems

Product Code:DP70 & DP90

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Dropping and Softening Point Determination
Simple, Standard-Compliant, Video-Recorded

Dropping Point Determination — Automatic, Exact, Comparable
With the innovative METTLER TOLEDO dropping point systems, you can determine dropping and softening points of pitch, asphalt, polymers, resins, waxes and many more materials with full automatic operation. Standard compliant cups and measurement methods guarantee comparable results.
Unmatched measurement principle
The instrument can be operated in two different modes: determination of dropping point or softening point. Visual camera observation and digital image analysis guarantee that the result values are reliable.

The high resolution color videos recorded during the measurement can be repeatedly played back on the instrument. This allows you to check unexpected results by visually verifying the measurements.
Reliable results
Simultaneous analysis of two samples delivers the mean value and the difference of the single results. Result round off can be preselected per the method.

Measurements can include conformity checks and automatic printout of results in one simple step, which prevents transcription errors and operator bias that occur with manual analysis methods.
Conformity with current standards
Operation according to standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International), European Pharmacopeia and further standards makes it easier to compare measurement results. You can use all the cups specified in these standards with the innovative sample carrier.


Performance at a glance:
  • One click and superior ergonomics – quick to learn, easy to operate
  • Simultaneous measurement of 2 samples – increases productivity
  • Convenient playback of high resolution color videos – offers maximum insight
  • Compliant to standards – ensures trustworthy measurements and results


Dropping and softening point and its detection
The dropping point (DP) is a characteristic property of a material. It is the temperature at which the first drop of a substance falls from a cup under defined test conditions.

The softening point (SP) is the temperature at which a substance has flowed a certain distance under defined test conditions. Depending on the substance softening it may be necessary to promote the flow by applying a ball weight. The instrument also generates a novel length diagram which indicates the rheological behavior of the sample.

Samples are heated until they transform from a solid to a liquid state. Dropping and softening points are mainly used in quality control but can also be valuable in research and development for determination of use temperatures and process parameters of many different materials.


Determine the Dropping Point with just One Click™
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Secure
One click results
Dropping point determination has never been so easy! The color touch screen allows one finger intuitive operation, provides clear information for the user, and can be easily seen from a distance. Just one click is all that is needed to start the measurement – the instrument does the rest for you. While the measurement is being performed, you can attend to other important tasks. When completed, the instrument signals the end of the measurement with an acoustic tone and displays the measured results.
Measure rapidly and economically
You can achieve high throughput by simultaneously determining two samples in one run. One Click enables you to start the measurement quickly after easy sample preparation with the tool included in the standard delivery. Perform different measurement tasks rapidly and efficiently by working with up to 60 stored methods. Economic single use cups and heating without water or oil baths eliminate the need for tedious cleaning.
Complete result documentation
All results are securely archived and can be tracked at any time. Whether you print out results on a strip or network printer, save reports as PDF, or directly transfer all result files including video to a PC, you always get the maximum information possible from your measurements. In addition the result file in CSV format (comma separated values) enables the read-out of selected data by LIMS-software.
The following sequence of images illustrates a typical analysis
Filling cups with the sample preparation tool. Four samples can be prepared simultaneously and the special design prevents contamination of the outer surface of the cups. The home screen. Once programmed the One Click shortcut key “EVACOP” can be used to start the measurement immediately. The online screen. Live image of the video of an EVA copolymer duplicate determination. In the right area the status of the experiment and results are displayed.


Determination of the dropping point of polyolefines
A generally accepted procedure for the determination of use properties of raw polymers is the dropping point.

Homo- or copolymer pellets or powders with a defined dropping point can be tested. The samples are premelted and filled into the cups sitting in the sample preparation tool which is preheated in a dry oven.

The automatic, unattended dropping point determination using the DP70 provides quick and reliable measurements. Carrying out the analysis according to ASTM D3954 guarantees excellent comparability of the results.


More Application Possibilities Wider Temperature Range
Dropping point determinations at subambient temperatures can only be performed using a DP90 Dropping Point System. It consists of a control unit and a separate measuring cell, which can be placed into a refrigerator or deep freezer.
Reliable measurements in pharma, cosmetics and food industry
The DP90 combines all the advantages of a DP70 with the possibility to start a measurement from -20 °C. The excellent furnace insulation and a LED light source prevent self warming of the measuring cell and ensure a stable minimum temperature.

Determinations that were previously carried out manually (e.g. according to ASTM D127 or DIN 12785) can now be easily substituted by the automatic method. Raw ingredients for creams, suppositories, ointments and edible oils and fats can be characterized.

Access control with username and password, duplicate determination and perfect result documentation are only a few equipment features which support regulatory compliance.


Application table
Application area Operation mode Standard DP70 DP90
Pitch SP ASTM D3104, ASTM D3461
Asphalt SP ASTM D3461
Polyolefines DP ASTM D3954
Resins SP ASTM D6090
Waxes DP ASTM D3954, Ph. EUR 2.2.17
Paraffins DP Ph. EUR 2.2.17
Binders SP DIN 51920, ISO 4625-2
Lubricating greases DP IP 396
Organic powders DP  
Vaseline DP Ph. EUR 2.2.17
Vaseline DP Ph. EUR 2.2.17
Edible fats DP AOCS Cc 18-80  
Edible oils DP AOCS Cc 18-80  
Softening point (SP), Dropping point (DP), Suitable (•), Partly suitable (◦)


Comparison Table Excellence Dropping Point Systems
  DP70 DP90
Instrument format Standalone instrument Control unit with external measuring cell
Temperature range RT to 400 °C -20 °C to 400 °C
Measurement accuracy -20…30 °C ± 0.4 °C
30…200 °C ± 0.2 °C
± 0.5 °C
Heating rate 0.1 to 20 °C per minute
Sample throughput (duplicate determination) 12 per hour
Cups number Up to 2
  dimensions (orifice) 2.8 / 6.35 mm
Single use cups Aluminum polished
Display 5.7” VGA color touch screen
Languages English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish,
French, Russian, Portuguese
Video Color AVI Magnification 2.5x
Max. run time per Video 60 min
Replay on the instrument Yes
Video export on SD card or to PC
Length diagram (SP) Yes
User Management Yes
Shortcuts (One Click™) 12 per user
Max. number of methods 60
Substance database Up to 100 substances
Number of permanently stored results Last 100
PDF report generation Yes
Print options Strip printer or selected network printers
Power 120 W
Dimensions WxLxH in cm 19 x 35 x 23 measuring cell 13 x 25 x 21
control unit 19 x 35 x 15
Weight in kg 4 7


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