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Pycnometer | Large Capacity Vacuum Pycnometer Set

Pycnometer | Large Capacity Vacuum Pycnometer Set

Product Code:H-1820

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Large-capacity unit, 10L (2.64 gal.), 6000g (13.2 lbs.) sample weight, with maximum aggregate size of 50mm (2in.). Set features domed transparent cover for easy observation of sample testing, perforated plastic shelf, which some States require; water inlet valve and 1/4" ID hose, quick-disconnect, vacuum gauge, vacuum hose and aspirator with 3/8" NPT fitting. Flange OD is 10-3/4" (273mm); maximum clearance above plate is 7-3/4" (197mm). Use with H-1826A vibrating table, and H-1754D manometer, sold separately.

Dimensions: 9-7/16" ID x 12-1/8" (240 ID x 311mm).
Meets AASHTO T209, T283.

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