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Pycnometer | Vacuum Pycnometer (Rice Test) Set

Pycnometer | Vacuum Pycnometer (Rice Test) Set

Product Code:H-1750

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Used in Rice testing to determine the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 19.1mm (3/4in.). 2000g capacity, 7-1/2" ID x 6" depth. Set includes aluminum volumetric canister; volumetric lid; flat, Plexiglas vacuum lid with o-ring; volumeter; release valve and fittings, and a metal water vacuum aspirator with 3/8" IPT and 6' hose. Unit achieves vacuum using the aspirator or optional vacuum pump. Meets ASTM D2041; AASHTO T209, T283.
H-1750 and H-1751 Pycnometers are also available in stainless steel.
Small Vacuum Pycnometer Set— H-1751
Same as H-1750 except 1500g capacity, 7-1/2" ID x 4"depth.



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