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Sand Patch Apparatus


Product Code:ASTM E965, EN 13036-1

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This test is performed spreading a measured volume of fine sand (ASTM) or glass spheres (EN) into a circular patch on the road surface and filling the surface depressions to the level of the peaks.

The apparatus comprises the following parts:

  • Measuring brass cylinder
  • Spreader disc with surface covered by rubber
  • Glass sand or glass spheres containers with screw top and pouring hole. Q.ty 2
  • Screw-adjusted dividers
  • 300 mm rule
  • Brush
  • Wind shield
  • Kneeling pad
  • Plastic measuring cylinder 10 ml cap
  • Plastic measuring cylinder 25 ml cap
  • Plastic measuring cylinder 50 ml cap
Cat. No. Description
CO80B0179- Ens. d'essais de patch de sable
#CO80B01791- Salble ASTM E965 300um/150um 10kg


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