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Balance | Sartorius Balances Material Testing

Balance | Sartorius Balances

Product Code:Midrics

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  • Rugged and dependable for the toughest industrial conditions — these units can handle high impact, vibration, dust, dirt, water, aggressive cleaning agents or overloading.
  • Simple to operate.
  • IP65 protection rating. All units are completely washdown and come with a choice of column or base mounting bracket. All indicators supplied are completely stainless steel and completely washdown.
  • Weighs in kg and lbs.
  • An indicator holder (bench, wall or column) must be ordered separately when ordering a scale.
  • Optional RS232 interface.
  • Stainless steel platforms, galvanized base frame (300 kg models have epoxy coated frames).
  • Power: 120 volt. CSA Approved.
  • Warranty: 3 years.


Midrics Painted version
Readability, kg Capacity, kg Platform Size, in. Optional Column
Height, inches
Cat. No.
* Weigh only models
† Weigh with numeric keypad and applications: counting/checkweighing/averaging/etc.


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