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Caliper | Proportional Caliper Device

Caliper | Proportional Caliper Device

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Use to determine the percentage of flat particles, elongated particles, or both flat & elongated particles in coarse aggregates. Steel construction for strength & durability, plated for corrosion resistance. 6" x 16" (152.4 x 406.4mm) base plate with four rubber feet for stability, and for convenience in tabletop testing. Ratio desired is obtained by selecting one of four adjustable positions: 2 = l:2; 3 = 1:3; 4 = 1:4; or 5 = 1:5.

Meets ASTM D4791. It is recommended that the desiredprocedure be reviewed carefully prior to conducting the test. Meets ASTM D4791.

Cat. No. Description
HU4216-000 Proportional Caliper Device



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