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Liquid Limit Test Set (Atterberg)

Liquid Limit Test Set (Atterberg)

Product Code:Conform to ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89, AASHTO T90

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Recommended for performing Atterberg or liquid limit test in accordance with ASTM specifications.

Includes 1 ea. of: H-4230 ASTM Liquid Limit Machine, Mixing Dish, Spatula, Graduated Cylinder and set of 48 sample cans. Complies with ASTM D4318; AASHTO T89, T90. Shipping wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg)


H-4229P ASTM Plastic Grooving Tools (10 pk)
H-4233 Resiliency Tester
H-4222D Durometers - Durometer Type D
H-4231.2 Stainless Steel Cup w/ Screws (non ASTM)
H-4232 AASHTO Liquid Limit Metal Grooving Tool


Replacement Part
H-4229 ASTM Metal Grooving Tool and Gauge Block
H-4930.250 250ml capacity, 115mm did. x 45mm height
H-4904 Spatula
H-4915.025 Capacity: 25ml
H-1350.3A Tin Sample Cups - Sample Cans, 2.5 oz (71g) 1.87" (47.5mm) ID, 1.42" (36mm) deep, 48 Qty.
H-4231 Brass Cup w/ Screws for Liquid Limit Machines
H-4231.1 Brass Cup w/ Screws and Cam Follower
H-4230.1 Base


Cat. No. Description
HU4234-000 ASTM Liquid Limit (Atterberg)


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