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Temperature | Cold Flex Temperature

Temperature | Cold Flex Temperature

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Cold Flex Temperature Tests. Conforms to BS2782 : Part 1:Method 104B. Determines the effects of low temperatures on the stiffness of the polymer
material. The appartus consists of a fixed clamp and a revolving clamp which holds the test sample rigidly at each end. The test sample is submerged in a Low Temperature Liquid Bath. The revolving clamp connects to a pulley dial indicator, graduated in 1 degrees, which is subject to a given torque produced by a dead load acting at a fixed radius.


The pulley dial inicator is locked in the zero position by a punger. The initial temperature is set so that when the plunger is released, the test sample twists about 30 deg C. The temperature is then increased by 2 deg C / min and the amount of twist measured every 5 deg C. When the angle of twist obtained is 400 degrees or greater, the resultant temperature is recorded.

GERR-FLEX- Cold Flex Temperature Tester


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