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Sliver and Roving Reels

Sliver and Roving Reels

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Hand Driven Reels for Slivers and Rovings
To determine the count (Density) of Slivers and Rovings Fitted with digital counter and severance device for accurate cutting of the sliver sample. Supplied with cone holder. Hand driven reels for slivers and rovings with 1 meter (KFG-1041M) or 1 yard (KFG-1041Y) drum circumference, equipped with digital counter and battery.

Electronic motorized Reel for Slivers and Rovings
To determine the count (Density) of Slivers and Roving. Variable speed with electronic digital predetermined counter. Available to read in meters (KFY –1042M) or yards (KFY – 1042Y).


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