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Stiffness Tester | Fabric Stiffness Tester (Pneumatic)

Stiffness Tester | Fabric Stiffness Tester (Pneumatic)

Product Code:SASD-672

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The SASD-672 provides the fabric and apparel industries with a consistent, fast, and accurate method of determining fabric stiffness in compliance with ASTM SPEC. D4032, Circular Bend Test Method.

Chatillon DFGS series gauges in the following capacities
DFGS-100 .100 LB. x .05 LB. FGS-50 KG .50 KG x .05 KG
DFGS-50 .50 LB. x .02 LB. FGS-25 KG .25 KG x .01 KG
Stainless steel base
Stainless steel base which includes a vertical column to which the pneumatic cylinder and gauge are mounted. The base has a filter-regulator with gauge to which the plant air supply is connected. The base also has two palm button actuator valves.
The plunge
The plunger and plunger ring plate are machined in accordance with ASTM Spec. D4032.
Template to cut
Template to cut 4" X 8" fabric sample.
Cut a sample of fabric not less than 4 inches wide in the direction of fabric warp. Sample swatch must be taken at least 4 inches from the selvage. From this swatch, use 4" X 8" template to cut three samples. Each sample must be free of wrinkles and creases. Mark the face side of each sample. Fold each sample back so the double ply measures 4" X 4".

Place the folded sample on the plunger ring plate making sure the sample is centered on the plate. Press "ON" to turn gauge on. Select units by pressing "UNITS" until the desired units appear on display. Select "PEAK" mode of operation. Press "ZERO" to zero the display. Make sure sample is centered on the plunger ring plate and press both palm buttons simultaneously to push sample through the plunger ring plate. Palm button must be held down until sample is pushed completely through plunger ring plate. Using two palm buttons insures operator safety and prevents erroneous readings caused by touching sample with free hand.

Record the gauge reading for each sample and report the average of the three samples. Discard the results of any sample, which varies more than 20% from the average of the three samples, and replace it with a new sample.

JAKSAD672 Fabric Stiffness tester with digital gauge
JAKSAD679 Ball burst test option adder


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