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Stiffness Testers | Fabric Stiffness Testers ASTM

Stiffness Testers | Fabric Stiffness Testers ASTM

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Fabric Stiffness Tester (Pneumatic)
Provides the fabric and apparel industries with a consistent fast, and accurate method of determining fabric stiffness in compliance with ASTM Spec. D4032, Circular Bend Test Method.
  • With Digital Gauge 50lb capacity
  • With Digital Gauge 100lb capacity
The Fabric Stiffness Tester is a simple to use, rugged instrument based on a design described in internationally recognized test standards such as ASTM D1388. Employing the principle of cantilever bending, a rectangular specimen is supported on a smooth low-fiction horizontal platform with a 41.5? (0.724 rad) or 45? (0.785 rad) adjustable bend angle indicator below the plane of the platform surface. A weighted slide is placed over the specimen and is advanced at a constant rate.

Fabric Stiffness Tester
As the leading edge of the specimen projects from the platform, it bends under its own mass. Once the material flexes enough to touch the bend angle indicator, the test is stopped. The length of the overhang is then measured and flexural rigidity and bending modulus can be calculated. Ideal for testing most textile fabrics (e.g. woven; layered; pile; knitted; napped) this instrument has been utilized to evaluate the stiffness properties of blankets, airbag fabrics, protective clothing, geotextiles, etc. Fabrics may be untreated or treated, including those that are heavily sized, coated with resin-treated. Taber‘s Fabric Stiffness tester can be used to evaluate leather, paper, plastic films, and other flexible sheet materials.



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