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Thickeners | Small Commercial Sizes Thickeners

Thickeners | Small Commercial Sizes Thickeners

Product Code:T-001

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Design - Applications
Thickening of slurries and Clarification of liquids in mineral, chemical, and industrial processing plants involving pilot plants and small commercial size units. Typical applications include dewatering concentrates, countercurrent solids washing systems, solids removal from plant effluents, etc. Often time flocculants are added to improve the settling characteristics of the solids or the clarity of the overflow.


  • Quinn specializes in the application, design, and manufacture of pilot plant and small commercial size units. Experience gained in pilot plant operation is incorporated in the design of the equipment.
  • Running-in-oil gear mechanisms.
  • Available mild steel and corrosion resistant construction.



Drive mechanism Running-in-oil type reducers with output shaft coupling. Non-lift type.
Rake assembly: Mild steel shaft and two-arm rake assembly.
Superstructure Mild steel formed plate (beam type on 12" and 14") with mechanism and gearmotor mounting areas. For mounting on tank rim angle.
Gearmotor drive 3" and 4" with V-belt drive and 1/3 hp gearmotor 5" through 7" with 1/2 hp gearmotor, 8" and 10" with 1/4 hp gearmotor, 12" and 14" with 1 hp gearmotor (1-60-115/230 or 3-60-230/460 current).
Drive guard OSHA type.
Feedwell Mild steel with height adjusting rods.
Tank Mild steel with overflow launder and undertow cone, both with flanged discharges and support legs to position discharge cone off the floor. Available with cover and liquid cover seal as required. Cone bottom tanks optional.
Paint Standard with rustoleum primer and green enamel finish coat.
Corrosion resistant Units are available with wetted parts of stainless steel or other alloys, FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) construction, neoprene, rubber or other elastomer coverings.


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