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Vicat Consistency Testers Material Testing

Vicat Consistency Testers

Product Code:ASTM C91, C141, C187 C191 C308 C451 C472

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Reversible stainless steel plunger; 10mm dia. one end, 1mm dia stainless steel needle on the other end. 300g weight, including adjustable indicator. Graduated 0-50mm scale. Includes frame, moveable rod with a variable weights and plunger assemblies. Includes H-3080 conical mold. Shipping wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg). Meets specs.: ASTM C91, C141, C187, C191, C308, C451, C472; AASHTO T129, T131, T186.

Cat. No. Description
HU3050-000 Vicat Consistency Testers


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