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FSB, FSC, FSJ Turbine flow sensors with aluminum sensor bodies for pressures up to 5000 psi (350 kg/cm2; 345 bars). Flow ranges from 0.5 to 200 GPM (1.9 - 750 l/min). Temperatures to 300°F (150°C). MS type signal connectors.
2056/2510 Stainless steel probe temperature sensors for 1/8" NPT ports. Pressures to 5000 psi (350 kg/cm2; 345 bars). Thermistor type 2056 measures from 32° to 300°F (0° - 150°C). Platinum RTD type 2510 measures from -40° to 350°F (-40° - 177°C). BNC connectors.
2298/2594 Magnetic surface temperature sensors with 8" (229 mm) self-leads, BNC connectors and 6" (152 mm) safety chains and hooks. Thermistor type 2298 measures from 32° to 300°F (0° - 150°C). Plati num RTD type 2594 measures from -40° to 350°F (-40° - 177°C).
SM/SMS Magnetic pickups for remotely sensing speed in fixed installations. Generates one pulse per tooth. SM types have 6" (152 mm) self-lead male phono connectors. SMS types have MS connectors.
GT/GTS Gear tachometer generators for remotely sensing speed with Flo-tech readouts. Generates 20 or 60 pulses per shaft rotation. GT types have 6" (152 mm) self-lead male phono connectors. GTS types have MS connectors.
CS-105 Coaxial photo-optic tachometer sensor for use when mechanical connection is difficult. Self-lead 15' (4.6m) cable. Phono connector.
2744 pressure sensors with 15' (4.6m) cable and male plug. Pressures to 5000 psi (350 kg/cm2; 345 bars).


  • To find the number of gear teeth: NT=(Hz x 60)/RPM
  • To find frequency : Hz=(RPM x NT)/60
  • To find RPM : RPM=(Hz x 60)/NT
  • To find time base : TB=RPM/Hz



  • To find RPM : RPM=TB x Hz
  • To find frequency : Hz=RPM/TB



FL1614-4200 Safety Disc
FL1614-6000 Safety Disc
FL1614-7500 Safety Disc
FL2056-1.0 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2056-1.5 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2056-2.5 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2056-3.5 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2018-2-0 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2294-000 Temp Sensor, Thermistor
FL2510-1.0 Temp Sensor, RTD
FL2510-1.5 Temp Sensor, RTD
FL2510-2.5 Temp Sensor, RTD
FL2510-3.5 Temp Sensor, RTD
FL2511 Temp Sensor, RTD
FL6028-60 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-100 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-150 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-300 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-500 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-1000 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-2000 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-3000 Pressure Sensor
FL6028-7500 Pressure Sensor
FL6019-15BD Vacuum Sensor
Additional Pressure Ranges Available_
FLSM-1201 Speed Sensor, Mag
FLSMS-1201 Speed Sensor, Mag
FLGT-20-C Speed Sensor, Tach Gen
FLGTS-20-C Speed Sensor, Tach Gen



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