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Marcy Pulp Density Balance

Marcy Pulp Density Balance

Product Code:100A-001

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Scale for direct readings metric weighing samples, measuring the density of liquids, pastes and solids and solids percentage.

Very sensitive and accurate scale, easy operation. Readings are direct without weighing samples separately, without referring to diagrams or tables without having to perform calculations. Twelve separate and interchangeable dials provide a wide range of density determination by small increments ranging from 1.2 to 7.8.

The transparent dial cover prevents dust affect the accuracy of the balance or scramble reading. Comes with a plastic container with a notch to infinity (1000 cc). Manufactured under license from D. Drinkwater, original designer of the scale pulp density measurement. Unlike other manufacturers who provide plastic scales, a rugged cast metal has been chosen for this balance.


Cat. no. Description
100A-001 Balance pulp density measurement, dial faces 12 and containing
100A-002 Additional containing polyethylene
100A-004 Optional stainless steel container (1 liter)
100A-005 Additional dial (12)


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