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pipes Locator and cables Material Testing

pipes Locator and cables

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The famous model Fisher M-Scope TW-6, pipe and cable locator is an improved version in the performance and handling, previous models. It performs the traditional tasks of search and localization of metal objects buried in the ground, such as pipes, cables, manholes, basements and valve boxes.
When carrying out repairs where rearrangements of buried lines, utility companies, such as telephone companies, gas, water and electricity, need to know where to dig, and sometimes, even more important where DO NOT dig. The substantial improvement in sensitivity of the TW-6 requested that we get rid of unnecessary metal parts.
All these parts curbed the locators detection efficiency. Antennas circular aluminum, so familiar in the TW-5 and the previous models have been replaced by current windings wound around the underside of the panels, located on the transmitter and the receiver. This change, along with a completely renewed and improved electronic system, increased detection performance of 50 to 100%.
Longer detections, once asked locators / detectors very expensive and very powerful defect, can be made very cheaply.

FITW6-0000 Positioning foot hose / cable
Optional accessory
FI201809 Carrying Case
FI972095 Stereo Headphones
FI202727 Handle assembly, 3 rooms
FI202853 Coupling clamp
FI202856 Probe for determining the depth
FI202295 Tracing probe
FI202248 Battery Charging Kit

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