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Rebar detector (locator) Material Testing

Rebar detector (locator)

Product Code:Profometer 5+

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The frame metal detector Profometer 5+, light and compact, uses non-destructive pulse-induction technology to enable the localization and analysis of metal reinforcements in concrete systems.
Profometer 5+ is nothing less than the best solution for ergonomic sensor, compact and accurate to locate reinforcement bars and mesh, to measure the coating thickness and determine the diameter of the bars.

  • Location of metal frames and other metal building elements and their orientation
  • Measurement of the coating thickness of the concrete and the reinforcement of the diameter
  • Correction functions of the influence of adjacent bars
  • A compact and ergonomic indication with the display backlight
  • Assistance to the optical and acoustic localization
  • Adjusting the metric or imperial units
  • Saving 40,000 coating values ​​and separate statistical analyzes (160,000 with Scanlog model)
  • Data transfer function to PC and evaluation using the ProVista Analysis software supplied with the instrument


  • The coating compliance inspection after stripping
  • Location metal reinforcements to avoid when drilling holes
  • Provides key data (position, coating diameter rebar) for strength calculations of reinforced concrete structures
  • Measurement of the coating thickness in concrete
  • Quality assurance in mass production of precast concrete elements
  • The SCANLOG model is particularly suitable for large areas and in case of need of an intelligible report


Product changes
  • Profometer 5+ S (described above)
  • Profometer 5+ SCANLOG
  • The SCANLOG Version (superior instrument) has all the elements of the S model and in addition to the support system for the probe, the carriage "ScanCar", the model offers two additional functions for complete site assessments.
  • Function "CyberScan" for a two-dimensional display or plan of reinforcement
  • Function "Measuring with grid" for display and a two-dimensional mapping grayscale values ​​of coating concrete


  • BS 1881 Part 204
  • DIN 1045
  • SN 505262
  • DGZfP B2 (recommendation)


Data sheet
Memory nonvolatile memory for 40,000 measured values ​​(Model SCANLOG 160,000) and 60 objects respectively
Screen LCD with backlight, 128 x 128 pixels
Interface RS 232 or USB port on a PC adapter
Software ProVista for transmission and evaluation of data on PC
Piles six 1.5 V batteries for 45 hours of operation, 30 hours with backlight
Field measurement
Operating temperature 0 ° C to +60 ° C
Storage temperature -10 ° C to +60 ° C
Measurement of the coating thickness Range min. up to 100 mm (3.94 in)
Max range. up to 185 mm (7.28 in)
Diameter measurement

Until a coating of 70 mm (7.76 in)


Ordering Information
390 00 050
Rebar Detection PROFOMETER 5+ Model S
display unit, universal probe, 1.5 m probe cable, cable for data transfer 1.5m, RS232 / USB adapter, ProVista Software on memory card, carrying strap, headset, screen protection film , user manual, carrying case, total weight 4.2 kg
390 00 054 Rebar Detection concrete PROFOMETER 5+
Identical SCANLOG the Model S, with additional features and ScanCar displacement sensor with cable for displacement sensor 1.55 m, total weight 4.5 kg
390 00 270 Control block
390 00 363 Telescopic rod for universal probe or ScanCar
390 00 280 Universal probe for marker
390 00 068 Universal probe
390 00 084 Protector for universal probe
330 00 470 Protective cover for the display unit
390 00 163 Sensor cable 1.5 m
390 00 168 Cable displacement sensor 1.55m
330 00 456 Transfer cable (9/9 mast)
390 00 542 Adapter RS232 / USB
390 00 078 Carrying case
820 39 001 Instructions


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