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Portable measuring microscope Material Testing

Portable measuring microscope

Product Code:Serie XC

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The portable measuring microscope is used for measuring and viewing on the production line or in the laboratory. It is particularly suitable for spot inspections in the electronics industry and mechanical engineering, paper making, printing, textile, etc. This microscope is small, light, beautiful design and easy to use.

  • 10X eyepiece with reticle and diopter adjustment ring. Precise adjustment of magnification.


  XC-100 (L) XC-50 (L)
Maximum magnification 100X 50X
Length of the upright   160 mm
Eyepiece   10X
Objective 10X 5X
Numerical aperture 0.25 0.12
Diameter of the field of view in the eyepiece   18 mm
Reticle eyepiece   0.1 mm
Minimum readable Division 0.01 mm 0.02 mm
Working distance 6.93 mm 17.6 mm
Focal length   30 mm
Plate diameter   63 mm
Microscope Height   210 mm
Microscope weight   650 g
Lighting   Penlight, battery # 2


Cat. Description
GMXC100L-0 Portable measuring microscope
GMXC50L-00 Portable measuring microscope


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