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pneumatic piezometer Slope Indicator | Material Testing

pneumatic piezometer Slope Indicator

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The pneumatic piezometer is used to monitor pore-water pressure. It is an economical alternative to the VW piezometer. Readings are obtained with a pneumatic indicator.

Sensor Type Pneumatic
Range 12 bar (180 psi)
Resolution 0.001 bar, 0.01 psi (digital gauge)
Accuracy Depends on pressure gauge
Repeatability ±0.007 bar, ±0.1 psi
Size 25.4 x 76 mm (1 x 3")


CAT. NO. Description
SI51417800 Pneumatic Piezometer
SI51416900 Twin Tubing
SI51407302 Quick Connector
SI51417801 Piezometer with 15m • 50' tubing
SI51417802 Piezometer with 30m • 100' tubing
SI51417803 Piezometer with 45m • 150' tubing
SI51417804 Piezometer with 60m • 200' tubing



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