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Device nondestructive testing (pulse rate) for concrete Material Testing

Device nondestructive testing (pulse rate) for concrete

Product Code:Pundit Lab

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  • The Pundit Lab is the most versatile Pundit of the moment
  • It has all the functions of the classic Pundit 7, but offers additional possibilities
  • With the transit time and the traditional pulse speed, the Pundit Lab allows measurement of the path length, the depth measure perpendicular crack and the surface speed
  • Optimized pulse shaping allows greater transmission range at lower voltages
  • Add to this feature automated combination of the voltage of the transmitter and receiver gain and one obtains a received signal level which ensures optimal accurate and stable measurement
  • The waveform may be displayed by means of an external oscilloscope or directly on a PC screen
  • The ability to remotely control all the functions fully complete the product


Remote control and a USB PunditLink implementation allow full remote control of all functions of the Pundit Lab, the acquisition of online data, the analysis of the waveform, manual triggering and data download.

Versatility; Basic measurements of pulse velocity and path length. Composite measure of the depth of crack and the surface speed. The non-volatile storage and download to PC is ideal for uniformity testing.

Multiple power options; Pundit Lab runs on battery, the mains via an AC adapter and can also be powered from a PC via USB.

Wide range of transducers; Pundit Lab supports a wide range of transducers 24 kHz to 500 kHz, making a camera suitable not only for concrete and rock, but also for other materials such as graphite, ceramics, wood, etc.



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