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Surface preparation Material Testing

Surface preparation

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Proper surface preparation is critical to ensure the efficiency and durability of the coating. Measurements of the roughness profile show excessive or inappropriate sanding, can affect the quality of paint coatings subsequently made. Such images also determine the degree of surface cleanliness.

Cat. No. Description
101 Roughness meter (Scale 45)
119 Pitting depth meter
122 Testex tape (for control of two roughness ranges)
123 Measuring roughness
124 Tape thickness gauge Testex (metric or imperial)
125 Compare ISO surfaces (sand or grit blasting)
127 Compare tactile roughness (for sandblasted surfaces blasted) Keane Tator
128 Directory kinds of pictures for the steel surface preparation (ISO Standards, BS and SSPC)
128/5 Hand wash or machine SSPC VIS 3
129 Compare Rubert surfaces (blasted or sanded) and Rugotest.
130 Meter contamination by salts SMC400
223 Digital roughness tester


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