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UV lamp for the detection of pinholes Material Testing

UV lamp for the detection of pinholes

Product Code:Elcometer 260

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With a durable aluminum casing and powered using batteries, UV lamp Elcometer 260 is a fast and economical solution for testing coatings and look for traces of porosity.

Equipped with a Watt diode emitting a purple light, UV lamp Elcometer 260 has a beam with a wavelength of 405 nm (± 5 nm), the human eye perceives as a purple light.

A UV reflective additive is applied on the base coating. When the UV lamp is focused on the play areas not covered shine and to identify clearly are defects.


Detecting the porosity and corrosion points premature corrosion of a substrate is usually caused by the failure of the coating. A major cause of failure is the presence of defects in the finished coating. Commonly referred to as "coating porosity", the main types of defects are described below:

Flows and drips: The wet coating moves under the action of gravity leaving a thin dry film.

Crater wear: Occurs when the substrate is wet when the coating has poor flow characteristics, thus creating voids in the coating.

Pitting: caused either by the presence of air is then released from the substrate or imprisonment particles (dirt, sand, etc.) that do not remain in place.

Over thickness: If too much paint is applied to a substrate, when the coating hardens, it can crack due to internal stress of the coating.

Insufficient depth: the areas are not covered or the coating has flowed without covering the corners (specific areas of a substrate) and seals.


The lens tipe Dual Lens
Power of the diode 1 watt
Wavelength 405nm ± 5nm
Lamp housing highly anodized aluminum
Battery tipe 2 x CR123A lithium batteries
Autonomy 6 hours (continuous use)
Dimensions 150mm x 35mm (5.9 "x 1.4")
Weight 173g (6.1oz)
Item Code D260 ---- 2 UV lamp for the detection of pinholes Elcometer 260
Packing list

UV lamp for the detection of bites Elcometer 260 UV protection glasses, nylon belt holster, 2 x CR123A lithium batteries and instruction manual


Description Item code
UV Protection Sunglasses T26020140
2 x CR123A lithium batteries T26020141


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