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Detector of  porosity Material Testing

Detector of porosity

Product Code:280

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The Elcometer 280 is an elongated porosity detector, designed for easy, secure and reliable detection of porosities by high voltage DC pulses.

The Elcometer 280 uses the latest electronic components allowing the user to inspect coatings without connecting the ground wire to the substrate - ideal for monitoring large areas and pipelines.

  • The screen flashes a warning light and adjustable volume alarm signal the presence of a fault
  • User adjustable range of 0.5 to 35 kV for detecting the porosity of coatings up to 25 mm (1 '') thick
  • Integrated safety trigger to the handle off the voltage if released
  • Robust, shock resistant and water to ensure the longevity of the instrument, even in difficult conditions
  • Balanced, ergonomic design, supplied with shoulder strap for long-term continuous use
  • Wide range of sensor accessories available - compatible with all Elcometer porosimeters
  • Ideal for testing clean or dirty surfaces, wet or slightly conductive
  • The voltage calculator automatically sets the correct voltage, depending on the thickness of the coating
  • An internal control ensures that the test voltage is the same as the selected voltage

The Elcometer 280 uses the technique of pulsed high voltage DC to detect defects in coatings - they are wet, dirty or slightly conductive.
Whether double safety switch, the indicator light, symbols on the screen indicating that the voltage is on, or ribs for protection against sparks, the Elcometer 280 is laréférence safety of high voltage measurements.

Using the wide range of probes of accessories, the user is able to detect the porosities / defects in coatings with a thickness up to 25 mm (1 '').

Robust, shock resistant and water, each instrument is designed for use in the harshest environments.


  • Special protective ribs
    designed to EN61010, they provide additional protection to the user
  • Trigger failsafe
    high voltage if released cuts
  • Removable battery
    full charge in 4 hours, up to 30 hours of continuous use *
  • Connect the ground cable
    with ¼ turn to secure the connection during testing
  • Second rubber handle
    for better control / balance during the test
  • Wide and waterproof buttons
    easy to use - even with gloves
  • Start / stop the high voltage
    the discrete buttons reduce the risk of accidental activation
  • Clear LCD display with backlight
    allows you to view the information, even in the dark
  • Point strap attachment
    the strap attaches quickly if necessary
* The battery life depends on the selected voltage and load applied - see Technical Specifications for details


Technical Specifications
Description Model S Models T
Porosimeter Elcometer 280 DC Pulse D280-S ---- D280-T ----
Porosimeter Inspection Kit Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC D280-S-KIT D280-T-KIT
Robust, shock resistant and water
Trigger failsafe
Removable battery
Internal voltage controller
Integrated voltage calculator  
Beach High Voltage Pulsed DC 0.5kV - 35kV
Setting Voltage User adjustable 0.5 - 1kV: no 10 volts, 1 - 35kV: no 100V
Precision high voltage output ± 5% or ± 50V below 1000 Volts
Pulse repetition frequency ~ 30Hz
Operating temperature 0 ° C to 50 ° C (32 ° F to 120 ° F)
Supply Rechargeable lithium ion battery, fully charged in 4 hours
Classic battery The battery life depends on the selected and applied load voltage;
Probe spring 12 "(DN305): 30 hours at 10 kV, 12 hours 35kV
Probe spring 40 "(DN1016): 22 am to 10 kV; 8 am to 35 kV
Dimensions of the transport case ABS plastic case; (LxWxH): 603x219x193mm (23,7x8,6x7,6 ")
Weight (without probe) 3.0 kg (6,6lb) - with battery
Certificate Available Certificate of Calibration: issued for Fixed Calibration equipment and shows readings and traceability
Packing Porosimeter Pulse DC Elcometer 280 Instrument (Model S or T) conductor cable back to hang 5 m (16 ''), battery, battery charger with power cable (UK, EUR and US), shoulder strap, Certificate calibration and manual
Porosimeter Inspection Kit Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Instrument (Model S or T) conductor cable back to hang 5 m (16 ''), battery (2 with Model T), battery charger with power cables ( UK, EUR and US), probe holder stainless steel spring (supplied with Model T only), 250 mm extension rod (9.8 ''), Shoulder, calibration certificate & manual - packed in a suitcase wheels, lightweight and durable - ideal for transport


  Item code Description Outside Diameter (OD)
T28022637-1 Earthing mats Up to 229mm Up to 9 "
T28022637-2 Earthing mats Up to 457mm Up to 18 "
T28022637-3 Earthing mats Up to 762mm Up to 30 "
T28022637-4 Earthing mats Up to 1067mm Up to 42 "
T28022748 Stake ground, length 60 cm (23.5 '')
T28022749 Earth cable 10 m (32 '') with clamp at each end
T28022750 Earth cable 10 m (32 ''), clip / connector Elcometer 280


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