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Software for sieving One Click Material Testing

Software for sieving One Click

Product Code:One Click from Mettler

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Simply start the method with the One Click™ shortcut on the balance touchscreen. Using automatic weight detection, sieves can be weighed consecutively without needing to touch a button. LabX provides clear step-by-step instructions on the balance, and automatically takes care of all data and calculations. The complete solution can be tailored to match individual process requirements.


Cat. No. Description
ME11130233 XP6002MDR Precision Balance 1:
This Delta Range balance has a moveable fine
range for precise results across the entire weighing range.
Capacity: 1200g / 6100 g, Readability: 10 mg / 100 mg, Settling time 1.5 s Color
Touchscreen, Hands-free operation, LevelControl.
ME11153120 LabX Software2 (express Edition): Connect one instrument with the option to connect
more. Inbuilt Methods Library, Graphical Methods Editor, Report Editor
ME1132515 Ethernet Option 1 : Connect LabX via the Ethernet for easy integration into your existing network.
1 : Choose from a range balancesand accessories according to your process requirements. E.g. The XP12002MDR is ideal for using larger sample quantities.
2 : Labx can be integrated with commercials LIMS Setups.



1- One Click Start 2 - Sieve 3 - Back Weigh 4 - Results 5 - Documentation
Enter sample ID using touchscreen.
Weigh all sieves empty without touching a button.
Weigh sample using
SmartTrac™ guide.
Pause task and complete sieving in a sieve shaker.
Audio signal prompts for next sieve.
Fractional weights calculated automatically for each sieve.
Distribution percentage is
Further results, such as d50 grid size, calculated.
Everything is automatically recorded.
Print customized reports with graphs at any time.



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