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Screener  Material Testing

Sieve Shaker from Retsch

Product Code:AS 300 Control

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Analytical sieve shakers of the AS 200 series are used in the fields research and development, quality control of raw materials, intermediates and finished products as well as for production monitoring. The regulated electromagnetic drive system allows optimum adaptation to the material to be screened. The devices ensure high precision separation, even for short sieving times. The AS 300 control is designed for sieves with a diameter of 305 mm (12 "). This corresponds to 2.25 times the surface sieve with a diameter of 200 mm. means sieving times can thus be considerably shortened with AS 300 control.

Thanks to digital parameter setting and its calibration certificate, the AS 300 control is indispensable for all those who attach importance to precision and comfort of use or work in compliance with ISO 9001 guidelines Repository .

Application examples
Cereals, coffee, clinker, fertilizers, flour, washing powder, building materials, filler, minerals, nuts, plastics, metal powders, chemicals, sand, seeds, soils, ...


Product Highlights
  • for dry and wet sieving
  • meets the requirements of ISO 9001 for the control of measuring and testing instruments
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • ease of use, ergonomic design
  • maintenance free
  • Excellent separation efficiency and short sieving times
  • efficient electromagnetic drive
  • 3-D throwing motion qui Ensures optimum use of the open sieve area and lets the sample move over Equally The Whole sieving area
  • setting of sieve acceleration "g" for comparable and reproducible sieving results worldwide
  • Column sieves up to 450 mm in height
  • free digital adjustment of all process parameters (time, amplitude or sieve acceleration, interval)
  • can store up to 9 SOPs
  • Interval operation
  • command with the EasySieve optional software via the RS232 serial port, evaluation and documentation of results of great simplicity


Application separation, fractionation, determination of particle size
Scope of application agriculture, food, biology, chemistry / plastics, environmental / recycling, geology / metallurgy, engineering / electronics, medicine / pharmaceuticals, construction materials, glass / ceramics
Feed material powders, bulk materials, suspensions
Measuring range * 20 microns - 40 mm
Movement of the material to be screened angular momentum projection
Load / max amount. of material to be screened 6 kg
Max. fractions 9/17
Max. the sieve stack 10 kg
Amplitude digital, 0.2 -> 2 mm
Bottom sieve acceleration > 10.0 g
Time Display digital, 1-99 min
Intermittent operation mode 10-99 s
Storable programs (SOP) 9
Suitable for dry sieving yes it does
Suitable for wet sieving yes it does
Serial port yes it does
Including test certificate / can be calibrated yes it does
Diameters of usable screen 100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 203 mm (8 ") / 305 mm / 315 mm
Max. the sieve stack 450 mm
Clamping systems "Standard", "comfort", each for dry and wet sieving
Protection rating IP 54 / IP 20
Given power 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Connection single phase
W x H x D 400 x 235 x 400 mm
Net weight ~ 35 kg
Documentation Video operation and application
Standards EC
* Depending on the sample and instrument configuration / settings


Operating principle
The sieve shaker AS 300 control works with an electromagnetic propulsion system patented by RETSCH (EP 0642844). This system provides a three-dimensional motion which distributes the sample uniformly over the entire surface of the screen. The advantage: a large capacity, extremely smooth operation and short sieving times accompanied by a high precision separations.

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