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Physiotherapy skeleton Biotechnology

Physiotherapy skeleton

Product Code:W47001/W47000

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Orthopaedic Skeleton W47000 model (not shown)

As the W47001 model, but without representation of the masticatory musculature and without representation of the heart and lung.
172 cm; 9.0 kg

Specifications MODEL W 47001

  • With removable skull to show based on internal skull.
  • Nasal sinuses are visible through the opening of the upper jaw.
  • The lower jaw is fixed by means of springs and is also removable.
  • The skeleton is disassembled into eight parts (both arms and both legs, skull in 4 parts).
  • Origins (red) and insertions (blue) muscle handpainted and handmade inscriptions.
  • Removable hip left.
  • Network of nerves of the arm.
  • Flexible spine.
  • Knee has a basket handle the tear.
  • Representation of chewing mussculature for explanations of the function of the temporomandibular arcticulation.
  • Heart.
  • Lung.
  • Luxury bracket.
  • 172 cm; 11.5 kg

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