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Anatomical teaching aids

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Now you also decide on the version of your teaching aids. The black plastic rods fitted with eyelets for susprendre didactic boards ensure maximum flexibility. These practices rods are easy to handle, it is a means of cheap and nice optical suspension and protect against damage. Under item no VR999B, you receive a complete kit for the top and bottom - simply order it with didactic boards of your choice. If you prefer another method of attachment or if you wish to use your own decorative frames, the paper version provides you with everything you need - without unnecessary and expensive trinkets.

Or do you prefer the deluxe version plastic? It is refined on the front and the back of a sheet of 125 microns thick. Two metal eyelets for attachment to the wall are directly integrated. Particularly strong, especially durable and especially valuable!

Chois good for everyone:

Cheap paper version (eg VR1113UU)
  • As for all the competent medical topics
  • With detailed illustrations
  • Directly as a poster or refined using own frames
Practices rods for the paper version (VR999B)
  • Ideal for wall mounting
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Sturdy and solid plastic
Deluxe Version plastic rewarding
(Eg VR1113L)
  • For the particularly strong solicitation
  • Possible entries with non-permanent markers
  • Entries can be deleted at any time
  • Good resistance to UV
  • Ecological special sheet
All versions are printed in poster size handy 50 x 67 cm printing paper for superior image quality 200g.

Also available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese (Japanese size 30 x 40 cm)


Cat. No. Description Cat. No. Description
A3BVR2113L The human skeleton A3BVR2422L The digestive system
A3BVR2118L Muscles A3BVR2431L Digestive disease
A3BVR2121L Osteoporosis A3BVR2435L Hepatitis
A3BVR2123L Osteoarthritis A3BVR2441L Diabetes mellitus
A3BVR2124L Rheumatic diseases A3BVR2451L Human metabolism
A3BVR2131L The human skull A3BVR2452L Cholesterol
A3BVR2132L Head and neck A3BVR2514L Urinary tract
- Anatomy and Physiology
A3BVR2152L The spine
- Anatomy and Pathology
A3BVR2528L Prostate
A3BVR2170L Shoulder and elbow A3BVR2532L The female genitalia
A3BVR2171L Hand and Wrist - Anatomy and Pathology A3BVR2542L Urinary incontinence in women
A3BVR2172L Pelvis and hip - Anatomy and Pathology A3BVR2554L Pregnancy
A3BVR2174L The knee joint A3BVR2555L Childbirth
A3BVR2175L The foot, pes A3BVR2556L The female breast - anatomy, pathology and self-examination
A3BVR2176L Foot and Ankle - Anatomy and Pathology A3BVR2557L Breastfeeding
A3BVR2185L Malposition of the feet A3BVR2591L Contraception
A3BVR2188L Sports injuries A3BVR2611L The autonomic nervous system - anatomy and pharmacology
A3BVR2226L The human eye A3BVR2615L The human brain
A3BVR2243L The human ear A3BVR2620L The nervous system
A3BVR2247L Throat, nose, ears A3BVR2621L Spinal nerves
A3BVR2248L The larynx - Anatomy and Pathology A3BVR2626L Epilepsy
A3BVR2251L Rhinitis and sinusitis A3BVR2627L Cerebral apoplexy
A3BVR2252L Disorders of the middle ear A3BVR2638L The hormonal system (Simplified)
A3BVR2263L The teeth A3BVR2660L Allergies
A3BVR2283L The skin, the dermis A3BVR2665L Transplantation immunology
A3BVR2295L The skin cancer A3BVR2670L Human genotypes
A3BVR2322L The respiratory system A3BVR2711L Reflux Disease
A3BVR2328L Asthma A3BVR2717L Decubitus ulcer
A3BVR2334L The human heart
- Anatomy and Physiology
A3BVR2342L Myocardial infarction A3BVR2741L Childhood diseases
A3BVR2343L Frequent heart disease A3BVR2753L Cancer
A3BVR2353L The vascular system A3BVR2780L Drugs
A3BVR2359L Blood vessels and routes
clinically important nerve
A3BVR2781L Addiction
A3BVR2361L Hypertension A3BVR2791L Smoking: A risk factor
A3BVR2367L Varicose veins, spider veins A3BVR2792L Alcoholism
A3BVR2392L The lymphatic system A3BVR2793L Tobacco addiction


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