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Masks for animals Biotechnology

Masks for animals

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Cat maks
Suitable for cats or other small animals. Made from soft, pliable, transparent, vinyl plastic compound. Small and medium sizes have molded on 15 mm standard male connections. Large has standard 22 mm female connection which fits mask elbow or "Y" piece.


Small 2" diameter
Medium 2 1/2" diameter
Large 3" diameter


Cat. No. Description
09509 small cat mask
09508 medium cat mask
09507 large cat mask
00789 Set of all 3 sizes cat masks


Animal mask
Transparent cone made from high impact plastic with neoprene rubber diaphram. 15 mm standard male taper connection fits "Y" or mask elbow directly.


Cat. No. Description
AM05304-00 Animal Mask - small 3 1/2" diameter - 3" deep
AM05305-00 Animal Mask - large 5" diameter - 4 1/2" deep
AM05308-00 Animal Mask - extra large 5" diameter - 7" deep
AM05306-00 Replacement Diaphragm - small
AM05307-00 Replacement Diaphragm - large



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